Additional Modules We Implement | WebZel Studio - Graphics and Web Professionals

Graphics and Web Professionals

1. Content Management Systems: Edit your web site

The CMS (Content Management System) enables you to edit the existing pages of your web site and add new pages. This can also include adding new images to the web site, changing the menu, etc.

A CMS user does not need prior experience in building web sites.

2. E-Shop

With an E-shop, you can sell your products and/or services to clients via the Web. The shop includes a catalog of products/services, shopping cart and payment system.

We usually develop E-shops on the basis of existing e-commerce technologies, and the choice of the technology is one of the web site requirements that we decide on based on your discussions with you.

Please see E-Shop article for details.

3. Forums and Chat Rooms
4. General Enhancements

Depending on your needs, we can enhance your web site with various applications such as subscriptions, polls, web site search, guestbooks, etc.